M21 Update Webinar: December 14, 2020

In the M21 video series, you will learn how to identify changing market conditions so you can proactively enter and adjust your complex options spreads for the highest profit potential.

The M21 Course Helps You... 

  • Add flexibility to your options trading so you can adapt to more market conditions. 
  • Complete your arsenal of M21 trades including The Rock, Modified Rock, M3R, and CAT options positions
  • Further your understanding of the Greeks so you can plan your position entry more precisely. 
  • Learn when it's more important to ignore the "tent" and focus on the T+0 line. 
  • See how the pricing of a spread and Greek trend can indicate when to modify your entry. 
  • Learn how you can enter closer to expiration for more rapid Theta decay while keeping things under control. 

The M21 Course Includes

10 On Demand Videos

490 Information Packed Slides!

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