Inside The Trading Vault – The Power of Mechanical Process

If you value consistency, and find it lacking in your trading, The Trading Vault is certainly something you should investigate. SMB will be hosting a free webinar on October 6th where I will outline several trades based on techniques taught in the Vault.

Many traders learn the concepts of trading with a bit of a salad bar approach – a little from lots of different sources they think look good- all piled onto a single crowded chart.  Or they are on a quest for the holy grail of technical indicators – the one that will never let them down.

Either way, the story almost always ends the same way.  Poor trading results, discouragement, a sense of discomfort that you’re not clear on anything at all permeate the mind of the developing trader.  The Twitter and Stocktwits stream is littered with this type of trader, and indeed, I was one of these at one time.  I was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a natural.  In fact, for a very long time, I was a very bad trader – and through the process of what it means to be really bad, I grew not only as a very good trader, but a very good coach.  I know what it is like to struggle with nebulous and shifting market concepts.

The system that I built was born out of necessity to clear the fog.  That’s what The Trading Vault is all about.

The Master Trader implements routine mechanical process

The Trading Vault is the step by step structure that I use to trade very day.  I deliver trading success for myself each day by reaching back into my past as a statistician and researcher.  I use an empirical approach – that means I value observations and data above theory.  My mechanical process built around over a decade of past observations in particular places, is the cornerstone of this functional and high impact trading series.

Ask yourself how you feel each day as you are observing markets and executing trades. Is your anxiety level high? Are you confused why similar setups are working one day and not the next? Does this anxiety and confusion make it more difficult for you to correctly execute your trades? I used to feel like this but no longer do. That is the benefit the Trading Vault provides for me.

The Trading Vault delivers the power of mechanical process; a clear, concise and straightforward series of instructions based on an understanding of market structures and how technical indicators behave in specific types of environments.

When are indicators most reliable?

When are they least reliable?

What do ideal trading formations look like?

I will be hosting a free webinar with SMB on October 6th where I will give specific examples of how the Trading Vault functions. If you are a developing trader or even someone who thinks they could benefit from a more structured approach to the market please join us here.


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  1. I have red The Trading Book Course and I can only say that was an eye opener for me, agree on Anne-Marie being a great teacher, my question is if in the Vault you review some of this book concepts and/or extend to some further discussions that would worth know to keep improving on trading

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