Enhancing Trader Performance with Brett Steenbarger

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*****David Blair, The Crosshairs Trader, is a blogger/trader/educator who does a wonderful job of sharing research on elite performance and how it relates to trading. Below is his latest post for the SMB trading community.***** — Editor’s Note

In the past week Brett Steenbarger, well-known trader and psychologist, announced his return to the blogosphere from a multi-year hiatus. For years, Dr. Steenbarger encouraged and mentored traders via his blog posts, Twitter feed, and best-selling books.  His contribution in the field is unparalleled. The following is indicative of his past contributions and should give a hint of what is to come. We would do well to study these, research his many other contributions, and make sure we do not miss what he has yet to reveal.

Why Traders Lose Their Discipline (via T2W)

Why Do You Trade? (via SMB)

What Competent Traders Need the Most (via SEEKING ALPHA)

A Few Trading Psychology Observations (via TRADERFEED)

How to Overcome the Fear of Pulling the Trigger on a Trade ( via TRADER INTERVIEWS)

Fear and Greed in Financial Markets: A Clinical Study of Day Traders (via AERP WHITE PAPER)

The Best Kept Secret in Trading Success (via SHOOKRUN)

Three Common Problems For Traders (via YOUTUBE)

Thought Patterns For Stock Traders (via CROSSHAIRSTRADER)

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