Making Money In The Market Should Never Be This Easy

We are in the heart of earnings season and as short term traders this is where the majority of our attention is focused. But on Friday July 29th there was a major fundamental catalyst in MCRB. Its FDA drug trial had failed. The stock was trading lower more than 50%. By 8AM before the market had opened it had already … Read More

Turning Around A Negative Mindset

In this video Seth Freudberg discusses the negative mindset that traders can often find themselves in and ways to combat that into a positive.

When You Shouldn’t Trade

There are certain months where traders simply shouldn’t trade because their trading strategy would preclude them from doing so. It is important not to trade in a month where conditions are wrong for your strategy. If your experience and back testing show that you have a negative expectancy when trading, you must follow your system and not trade for the “fun of it” or income. In the long run, a lack of discipline along these lines will hurt your returns badly.