#1 issue top traders want to fix in 2017 on our prop desk

It’s the end of the year, and time for trading business plans for 2017 from the traders on our desk. When viewing the trading plans of our best traders the issue that repeats the most to fix in 2017 is…….. Waiting for the setup! These are highly profitable traders, and even some seven-figure traders. These are experienced traders who have … Read More

Winning the Trading Day

In this video, Mike Bellafiore discusses why you shouldn’t judge your trading day by your P&L but rather all the small wins within your routine that lead to your trading success over the long run.

Why Do Short Term Traders Make Predictions?

As short term traders we must make a lot of decisions in a short period of time. Some might think we are making predictions. In this video, Steve Spencer discusses this idea in detail.

Systems Workshop Today: “How Good are Bollinger Bands?”

Today at 1:30pm Eastern is the next Systems Testing Workshop with Andrew Falde. Today, Andrew will be writing some code to test different ways to trade the Bollinger Bands using multiple symbols and time frames. For you to attend this workshop, simply join with your $1 trial before Noon, today. The workshop will be recorded and you can watch the … Read More

Finding Your Edge

In this video, Mike Bellafiore discusses his experience as a SMB Partner. He shares cases studies of some of our traders who have gone on to make seven figures through finding their edge.

Why You Need to Journal

In this video, Mike Bellafiore discusses why you need to journal and some of things you need to be journaling about.

The Importance of Coaching and Mentoring

In this video, Mike Bellafiore discusses the importance of coaching and mentoring. He goes into detail on how one struggling trader became a very successful trader.