How To Tell If A Trading Book Is Useful

As part of your desire to learn more and improve as a trader, you have probably checked out some books on the subject. Some of them, like Market Wizards, are truly inspiring and excellent reads. Maybe some of them have been helpful but most likely a lot of them were bad. Similarly, if you go to a bookstore or browse … Read More

Spencer Trade Review: $VVUS

Trade review for VVUS for Friday July 20th plus thoughts on possible trades for Monday. To listen to these trading ideas discussed before the market opens and see them executed in real time sign up for our tools including SMB Real Time for only $99/month or a $10/one week trial. Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University … Read More

Overcoming Your Psychological Issues as a Trader (a Case Study)

Here is a case study on one SMB Trader struggling with his psychology. I’m sure many readers have experienced the same struggles. We end with a plan to solve this psychological issue for this trader. SMB TRADER:   I’m really disappointed. This was bad. Probably the most disappointed I have been in myself in a long time. There’s no reason, no excuse, that … Read More

Focus on building your trading position not scalping (VVUS)

Hey Bella, I was reviewing my trade from VVUS today, and there were two things I forgot to run by you that I was thinking about during the trade. First, I used our discussion on the steepness of moves to help me stay in the trade. I have had problems with past trades where I would get into a position, … Read More

You are losing money by not being big enough (EDU)

Bella, I thought EDU offered some great opportunities to use the tape and levels from yesterday to catch most of the downtrend we saw today. EDU was heavily in play yesterday on SEC investigation news (roughly 20x average daily volume), and today it was even more active (roughly 35x average daily volume). My one concern in this trade is how … Read More

How to tell a stock is breaking down (EDU)

Bella, A couple quick questions on EDU based on what you were discussing in the meeting after the close: I was watching EDU and felt that the 15.70 level was more important intraday support than 15.50. The push down to 15.50 happened simultaneously with the market exhausting its downtrend before pulling back, and at the time it looked like EDU … Read More

Trading Bigger (GMCR)

GMCR from 7/16 Where to add size on this play?  I thought about it all day and discussed it with a number of other traders. One camp was “be big at 19.20, the 2nd time, at 11:20am with an out in the mid 30s”.  I can’t totally agree with this.  I don’t think you can get that big there, responsibly. … Read More