7 Comments on “Spencer Trade Review: $LXK $GMCR”

  1. Thanks for the great video Steve. I’ve watched many of your vids and this one is by far the best for how much you explain with whats going on in your head while you trade. I can’t thank you enough for how much you and the rest of the team here have improved my trading.

  2. SINCERE thanks for posting, especially on the weekend!  Was in GMCR, but overthought LXK.  Just signed up for foundation, very excited!

  3. Hi Spencer, thanks so much for sharing how you take and manage your trades! 
    I just a quick question on how you held on to GMCR. After you reloaded, price held under 20.00 and above 19.85, then it popped above 20.00 to something like 20.12 again before falling off.
    What made you hold on to your position instead of closing some because 20.00 failed to hold price down, or taking it as an indication that the downtrend was ending?

  4.  derick,

    when it came off 30 cents into the 80s and couldn’t drop i covered some to take care of the risk. so my stop was still above .25 for the rest. i don’t think i was on the desk when it started holding below again so didn’t add back. plus LXK was so much better didn’t really want to spend time on it…..

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