Bias Shmias!

One of the most frequent confessions I hear from developing traders is that they couldn’t change their bias when the price action warranted such a change.  They develop a bias as to which direction a stock will trade and hold on to their viewpoint despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  I have even heard there are many experienced traders who deal … Read More

Path to 1K Terminated

We challenged some of our newest traders to expect more from their results recently. We wanted to push them toreach for a goal just outside of their present ability. This is how you improve at anything. You push yourself beyond your comfort level for a new goal you are not quite good enough to obtain. Every night I asked these … Read More

The Back Nine- You First

On the couch, wife out of town, a full container of perfectly ripe cantaloupe, what is a young man to do? I found a killer documentary, not via NFLX, The Back Nine that has left me with a day full of thoughts on trader performance. First should we teach traders to work through their psychological hurdles before we talk set … Read More

Josephy Fahmy to Appear on SMB University

Joseph Fahmy will appear on SMB University this weekend to discuss trading on different timeframes and how to use relative strength in your trading. Be sure to tune into Sunday’s show on StockTwitsTv at 8:30 PM EST this Sunday. Please follow and like us: