Awesome Links of the Week

During a StockTwits seminar at the NASDAQ I remarked that new traders who wish to become great must train like an elite performer, and Olympic athlete. Well here is the training of speed skater Apolo Ohno.  Do you work as hard in a focused way as him as a trader?  If not then why would you expect to become a … Read More

SMB Morning Rundown – February 26, 2010

The markets are currently set to open flat, the preliminary 4th Quarter GDP revision came in as expected at 5.9%. AIG also reported a $53/share loss this morning and should see very active trading during today’s session. Key levels to watch in the SPYs will be 110.25 and 109.40 for support. Resistance is at 111 and 111.70. Michigan Consumer Confidence … Read More

Trading Analogies and Humor

We have a great new training class from September 09.  Some classes for whatever reason can turn out outstanding and others ordinary.  Same teacher, same material, but very different results.  And from my seat very different teaching experiences.  We haven’t held a new training class since September of 09 so lucky for us that they are so enjoyable.   June of … Read More

SMB Morning Rundown – February 25, 2010

The market is gapping down violently today, currently the SPYs are trading at 109.30 in premarket. Key levels to watch for the day are 109.50 for support, depending on where the market opens the next area of support is at 108.40. Should we attempt to stage a rally there is resistance at the 110.50 and 111 levels. Please follow and … Read More

Make Trades Your Own

After the Close we watched video of HRB (H&R Block).   16 was a huge level on our longer term charts.  And HRB found this level.   And a few interesting questions were raised during our Tradecast.  One was: would you buy before you saw strength on the tape at 16 or would you just buy? There is no right … Read More