How Do You Find The Best Stocks to Trade?

Hi Mike…

quick question…. while your probably constantly reevaluating throughout the day, would you say its common for SMB to come up with another set of “in play stocks” for afternoon trading, or do you tend to stick with the original ideas from the morning?
thanks for all your advice and thoughts.


1. We are experts in choosing the best stocks to trade intraday.  We are only as good as the stocks we trade.  There is almost never a trading day without trading opportunity for our desk because we are expert at finding the Stocks In Play.  Steve does an amazing job preparing our desk with the best stocks to trade with our SMB AM Meeting.  In fact today he prepared the desk so well before the open that I got an email from him explaining his awesomeness 🙂

2. We supplement our AM Meeting, with trading tools.  Tools such as the SMB Scanner and The SMB Radar.  We built the SMB Radar with Trade-ideas. These are professional proprietary tools that we have built to find the Stocks In Play.

3. We supplement our AM Meeting with our SMB Real-time.  Traders chat to each other about the most opportunistic stocks.

4. Guys on our desk are taught to call out stocks that are moving best intraday.  60 pairs of eyes are better than one.

5. Some guys on our desk scan tools such as Finviz to find sectors that are hottest and start to consider trades in these sectors.

6. A news feed is piped into most proprietary trading desks so traders do not miss breaking news.  One shop has this news feed built into its proprietary trading platform.  With the click of a key you can see the breaking news on that stock from your trading platform.

So we are very good about picking the best stocks to trade.  Often you do not need to trade more than what is shared during our SMB AM Meeting.  But we do supplement all of that with the above.

I hope that helps.  Thxs for the question.  Trade well.
Mike Bellafiore

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