High Frequency Trading

In light of all the recent commotion about high frequency trading (HFT), we have decided to compile a list of articles that depict the advantages, disadvantages, as well as arguments for and against HFT. The list follows below:

Stock Traders Find Speed Pays, in Milliseconds: This is the original exposé by Charles Duhigg in the New York Times

What’s Behind High Frequency Trading (Added 8/3/2009): Outlines the main definitions, questions, and relevant information related to HFT and how it affects different types of investors in the market.

Goldman’s $4 Billion High Frequency Trading Wildcard: Tyler Durden describes the benefits HFT provides to its developers and users.

HFT: The High Frequency Trading Scam: Karl Denninger discusses why HFT disadvantages non-algorithm using traders.

Weekend Opinionator: Is Wall Street Picking Our Pockets?: Tobin Harshaw discusses the possible inequalities caused by HFT.

High Frequency Trading Roundtable: Joe Saluzzi shares several of the main points and his reflections of a meeting with HFT traders.

Thoughts on High Frequency Trading and Stock Market Manipulation: Dr. Brett Steenbarger poses his thoughts on HFT and its effects.

Whoa, A Glitch in The HFT: Michael Durbin discusses the possibility of a glitch in HFT algorithms and the likely consequences.

HFT and AMZN: Bella discusses how to deal with HFT algorithms as an intraday trader.

Demystifying High Frequency Trading: Damien Hoffman of Wall Street Cheat Sheet interviews pro quant trader Fari Hamzei about HFT and how to work with it, not against it.

Schumer Urgers Ban on So-Called ‘Flash Orders’ That Give Priveleged Traders Sneak Peek at Stock Sales Before Other Investors: Schumer’s appeal to the SEC to ban flash trading.

High-Frequency Trading Faces Challenge From Schumer: Discusses Schumer’s letter to the SEC that calls for a ban on flash trading and the threat of such legislation.

BATS invites Nasdaq, DirectEdge and CBSX to Withdraw Flash Orders: Tyler Durden posts a letter by the chairman and CEO of BATS, Joe Ratterman, that calls for other ECNs to ban flash trading.

Schumer Announces That Nasdaq Endorses Ban on ‘Flash Trades’ – Exchange Would Welcome SEC Action AGainst Practice That Gives Advance Info to Certain Traders: This press release reports on a phone conversation between Senator Chuck Schumer and Nasdaq CEO Robert Greifeld about the possibility of a flash trading ban.

Goldman Electronic Trading Head: More Regulation Needed: Greg Tusar, managing director of Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading, supports increased regulation in HFT.

Rewarding Bad Actors (Added 8/3/2009): Paul Krugman disucsses the social implications of HFT and how it affects non-alorithm-using traders.

Curb High-Frequency Trading?: Larry Leibowitz, head of US markets for the NYSE, differentiates between HFT and flash trading and reaffirms that the NYSE does not partake in flash trading during an interview on CNBC.

S3 Analysis Shows High-Frequency Trading Has No Impact on Retail Equity Prices: An analysis company, S3, describes their conclusions that HFT has no impact on retail investors.

High-Frequency Traders Say Speed Works for Everyone: Speaks about the benefits of HFT for all traders.

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