#1 Trading Frustration: Adapting to Changing Market Conditions

The #1 Trading Frustration for the SMBU Community is “Adapting to Changing Market Conditions”. Below are some comments from Steve Spencer and me offering solutions for this #1 trading frustration. In 2009 I wrote an article for SFO Magazine Adapt to Survive High Frequency Trading. Here is how you Adapt From a Technical Perspective. The ability to adapt is one … Read More

The Superstar Effect

High Frequency Trading (HFT) is supposed to be the new superstar on the Street. I wonder if this will be the case in ten years.  More importantly, are we ignoring excellent trading opportunities because we perceive HFTs as the superstar? The NASDAQ Day Trader used to be king. Tech and then Internet stocks rained money on then this new breed … Read More

High Frequency Trading

In light of all the recent commotion about high frequency trading (HFT), we have decided to compile a list of articles that depict the advantages, disadvantages, as well as arguments for and against HFT. The list follows below: Stock Traders Find Speed Pays, in Milliseconds: This is the original exposé by Charles Duhigg in the New York Times What’s Behind … Read More