What troubles me about this trader

I had a conversation with a new trader today and shared my observations of his trading career. Here is what I liked: He has the ability.  He possesses the ability to process information quickly.  He has the ability to make fast decisions.  This was clear during his firm interview and persists after his start. He has an outsized interest in … Read More


Every day we hold a pre-market meeting where we discuss the best risk to reward trading setups for the day. The trades fall into 3 categories: Stocks with a fresh news catalyst, “Second Day Plays” that had a catalyst the prior day, and finally “technical setups”. I’ve marked up some charts for five trades I made. 4/5 had a fresh … Read More

A formula for trading success from my TradersExpo presentation

Yesterday I presented at the TradersExpo in NYC: A study of 5 successful traders from our desk. (Above is a picture of me, chatting with traders after my talk.)  It’s important to study traders who have succeeded and learn from them as a trader and firm.  The successful traders provide inspiration for those striving and best practices to copy. We … Read More

DNA Application Deadline Approaching

It’s Official. The “DNA of Successful Trading” has returned. This experiential training program is designed to accelerate your skill development in 10 short weeks. We, at SMB Capital, have been training pro traders for over a decade. We have a lot on the line when we train new traders. If they don’t get it right, we lose real capital. Because … Read More

Things We See At Market Bottoms

What sort of things should we look for at market bottoms? There is a lot of discussion on things we need to see or not see for a market to put in a bottom. I offer thoughts on a few of these in this video. Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University which provides trading education … Read More

Andrew’s Strategy Set Theory

In this video Andrew Falde looks at combining diversified strategies in different asset classes to create a portfolio equity curve that is reliable and smooth. This strategy set will be an on-going update. Download the White Paper HERE * no relevant positions Please follow and like us:

A day in the life of a professional trader

Yesterday our education division, SMBU, held a webinar: A day in the life of a trader.  The purpose was to share best practices for traders to turn into habit so they trade better. If traders do all the things necessary to improve, then they can improve.  As I give this presentation, I have an internal conversation with myself. I really … Read More

Die Hard starts winning again

Die Hard is a senior trader who makes a ton of PnL.  Unfortunately for him and our firm, he also loses a ton of PnL.  This is actually a good problem to have for the trader willing to review and work.  Many experienced traders aren’t willing to journal and review and adapt.  They want to just keep hitting the buttons … Read More