What it Takes to Go Live at Our Firm

SMB receives approximately 5,000 applications each year to trade for the firm. As you can imagine, it’s nearly a full time job to sort through 400+ new applications each month. Of the thousands that apply each year, the net acquisition of new traders that go live with the firm is less than 50. That’s right… Less than 1% of applicants … Read More

The ONE Thing Options Traders Want More than Anything Else Is…

Options traders like you have been telling us for years what they want to achieve in their trading. Strangely enough, they don’t ask us to show them trades that make bigger profits. Nor do they ask for risk-free trades. The word we hear most from options traders is consistency. Who wouldn’t want to be more consistent, right? However, we believe … Read More

Trading Fitbit (SMBU Daily Video)

In our SMBU Daily Video, we dive into trading IPOs.

In this video from Mike Bellafiore, he will discuss:

Important levels that formed in Fitbit since its IPO
Why technical levels are so important
How support can become resistance
We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills.

– SMBU Team

What You Can Do to Stand Out (SMBU Daily Video)

In our SMBU Daily Video, learn what can set you apart from other traders.

In this video, Mike Bellafiore will discuss:

What qualities make a trader stand out
Fitting in with other traders
Why you shouldn’t reinvent the wheel
We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills.

– SMBU Team

SMB’s Top Options Trader Shares His “Favorite” Income Strategy [Video]

 John Locke returned to the Options Tribe to share his insights on the popular (and successful) Bearish Butterfly strategy. Learn the Options Trading Strategy that Allows You to Profit Big When the Market Goes Down and Generate Income During Most Other Market Conditions. Please follow and like us:

How to Add Probability to This Index Mean Reversion Pairs Trade Opportunity

With RUT accelerating to new highs and the SPX lagging — is there an opportunity for a mean reversion pairs trade? I believe so. The probabilities are high for mean reversion. But, the danger of a mean reversion trade is the possibility of being too early. That is where options can give us additional edges. With options we can “lean” one way … Read More