You Can Be Better Tomorrow Than You Are Today! (video)

The other week I presented at #Stocktoberfest the @Stocktwits event masterminded by @howardlindzon. My presentation was titled: 8 Ideas from the Prop Desk to Improve Your Trading. Below is the final part of the video series. In this video Mike shares a philosophy that drives his firm: 1) You can be better tomorrow than you are today! (his personal mantra and … Read More

How a Stock Can Trade When Their Dividend is Cut (Seadrill)

In the premarket Seadrill, an offshore driller, announced it was suspending its dividend as this headlines shows: This is news of changing fundamentals in a stock that gets my attention.  When a company suspends its dividend many shareholders HAVE to sell as that offering no longer fits their investment strategy.  Further the suspension of a dividend signals financial weakness in … Read More

SMBU’s Options Tribe Webinar: Noted Author Jeff Augen: Finding Ideal Entry And Exit Points when Trading Options

December 2, 2014 Today’s markets are almost entirely driven by algorithmic trading – a new dynamic that invalidates most technical indicators.  The PhaseTrader® indicators were developed to address this problem.  They are designed to detect and respond to the activities of program trading systems in a variety of financial markets, and they are currently licensed by hundreds of individual subscribers … Read More

Trader’s Ask: Should I Use a Time Stop in Alibaba?

Hey Bella sorry to bother you again intraday.  I’m very close to having having gotten ride of my over trading tenancies/urges and will start pulling the trigger on better trades2hold in the coming days/weeks. BABA though, it formed a support at 112.10 – 12.15ish. When you get long.  Two questions. 1.) If you got long at 112.12 do you hold … Read More

SMB Trading Lessons of the Week

Bella discusses an anecdote about a great automated trader who was formerly a failed discretionary trader. In this video Bruce Bower discusses decision making from his visualization series. Latest Blog Posts Hopeville: Where Traders Go To Die There are times when I am required to give a mentoring student some tough love, because it’s important for me to convey, immediately, … Read More

Don’t Lose the Trade Before You Enter It

Trading is similar to playing sports at an elite level, they‘re both mentally demanding. In fact it is quite common in sports for a highly gifted athlete with a compromised mindset to lose miserably against a much less talented competitor utilizing the proper mindset. Trading is the same way. You can know everything about charting, indicators and options. You can … Read More

Lesson 2: Trading Is Peak Performance

Lesson 2: Trading Is A Peak Performance Activity Continuing the series Seven Lessons I’ve Learned, I wanted to talk about the right lens or framework for understanding trading. Is it “combat”, is it a “sport”, or is it “a treasure hunt”? All of these are valid metaphors for describing some aspect, but I don’t feel that it captures the essence … Read More