How a Stock Can Trade When Their Dividend is Cut (Seadrill)


In the premarket Seadrill, an offshore driller, announced it was suspending its dividend as this headlines shows:

This is news of changing fundamentals in a stock that gets my attention.  When a company suspends its dividend many shareholders HAVE to sell as that offering no longer fits their investment strategy.  Further the suspension of a dividend signals financial weakness in a company as they now have a weaker cash position.  In short, there will be many new sellers in a company that is now newly weaker than yesterday.

I love to trade changing fundamentals trades.  Even after SDRL gapped down on this news there was and is opportunity.  Here is a quick look at the intraday chart as of 11AMish.  And this stock is a candidate for a low of day finish given the news.

This is a news pattern to consider adding to your trading.

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*short $SDRL
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  1. 17.25 started the intraday short. Added below 17.10 which was an intraday level for some reason. Stops were above VWAP.

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