The SMB Foundation: Proof that Prop Trading is Not Dead

I’m glad I decided to write this now and not when I intended to a few weeks ago, as this particular post addresses Mr. Josh Brown’s debate of whether or not Prop Trading is officially dead – it turns out that, on occasion, procrastination and an overall busy schedule is helpful. I remember speaking with @dynamichedge regarding this particular topic … Read More

Spencer Trade Review – $AMZN $FB

Steve Spencer reviews trading opportunities in AMZN and FB from July 27th 2012. Steve Spencer * No Relevant Positions Please follow and like us:

How to Become One With Your Trading System

  We’ve all heard the sad excuses after a bad run. The lame rationalizations. “I know it was through my stop, but I thought that it would come back”. “Yes, I saw the signal, but I just didn’t believe it” “I don’t know, I just froze” When someone is struggling, one way to lessen the pain is to rationalize it … Read More

The Opportunity for a Prop Trader

@DynamicHedge wrote a must-read piece recently that went viral, “Letters to a Young Trader”, in which along with buckets of awesome advice he also asserted prop trading shops are dying.  This is true.  But this is not the same as prop trading is dead and/or ALL prop shops are dying.  That would not be correct.  The author never stated this but … Read More

The Opening Drive Play (UA)

I was watching UA on the open and I wanted to write up this drive because I feel like I’m a bit more comfortable with the slower setups in a trending environment. On the open the timing windows are shorter, the price movements are more whippy, and at the moment it’s generally more difficult for me to control my risk … Read More