Unveiling the Secrets of Elite Traders (EVENT – February 26th)

Keynote Address – Unveiling the Secrets of Elite Traders

A talk by | Mike Bellafiore & Jack Scwager
February 26th 8:40 pm EST

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Join us at the session as Mike Bellafiore shares how and why traders at the proprietary trading firm he built, SMB Capital, have become elite traders.

When Covid hit, SMB transitioned all of its in-house traders to remote trading, yet still had its most successful year ever.

What were the secrets to their success that can help you improve as a trader? What are elite traders doing that perhaps you are not? Join Mike as he shares what he has learned that separates elite traders from those NOT YET as good as they can be.

Jack Schwager’s The Market Wizards series is back! The twist in his new book “Unknown Market Wizards” features how independent traders rival, if not surpass, the performance of the best professional managers! Join the author in a fireside chat as he shares the secret success stories behind these incredibly profitable independent traders .