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The storm was brewing in the Gulf of Mexico. I had been tracking it for a  week, and it was only a matter of time before it would bring tremendous  amounts of rain, damaging winds, possible tornadoes, and dangerous flooding  to my area. Twelve hours before Hurricane Isaac was projected to hit my  area, I told Andres  (Salazar) and Bradley (Ha) at SMB in New York City  that I was going to trade like normal, but I could be with out power for  days. There were so many good set-ups, and I was having a very good August.  Our proprietary trading method puts us excellent positions for max returns  with minimal loss. This gave me the confidence to put on trades knowing that  in a few hours, I could possibly be with out power, not be able to look at  my trading platform, and have no idea what my trades were doing. What I did  have was Andres and Bradley that would keep me informed on what the market,  and my trades were doing. I knew I had my team behind me, even through a  hurricane. Hurricane Isaac brought days of constant rain, damaging winds,  and flooding. Fortunately, my family and I were safe. We never lost power,  and I was able to monitor my trades while keeping in constant communication  with Andres and Bradley at SMB just in case something did happen. So, yes I  did trade through a hurricane, and yes my trades were profitable. I would  like to thank Andres Salazar and Bradley Ha for hanging in there with me  during the storm.

Stuart Miller
Remote Forex Trader, SMB Capital
Andres Salazar
SMB forex trader


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