The World’s Leading Traders Charity Webinar

Join Mike Bellafiore, author of One Good Trade, 4:30 to 5:30pm EST on Thursday 26th May for a charity webinar to assist earthquake victims in New Zealand and Japan.  Mike’s webinar is titled: The PlayBook: Set ups for Your PlayBook.

  • Set ups that you can make your own
  • Plays our desk are using in this market
  • Set ups to trade more often and with more size
  • The plays from a proprietary trading desk shared with you

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  1. My feelings and prayers to the victims and family of the victims. I really wish they did not go through what they did.
    I will most probably contribute since the quality of speakers is amazing…however I am a bit bewildered that the two recipient countries are among the highest ranked in terms of GDP per capita.

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