The REAL reason why you’re still a struggling trader

Isn’t it interesting that despite all the information available online…

Traders are still struggling with pulling consistent profits out of the markets?

It doesn’t seem to make sense I know, but there’s a hidden reason behind this…

You see, it’s super easy to tell someone what you did on a good trade. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll get similar results just because they now understand what you did.

This is what most online educators don’t understand.

It’s not enough to tell people what you did in a good trade.

Because what really matters is the very specific information that led to that good trade.

I.e. what caused you to do what you did in the first place.

This is why in today’s video – we break down a trade that one of our prop traders has taken and go through the specifics of not just what he did, but WHY it worked.

You’ll discover what our firm trader did specifically well in that trade- and why he did it- that made it such a good trade.