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In this video, learn the Monster Trader Review. See how a junior trader lays out his plan to become a Monster Trader at our trading firm so you learn how to grow your trading account. Let’s get to work.

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in this video learn the monster trader
review hi I’m Mike bellafiore co-founder
of SMB capital and we’re a proprietary
trading firm located in midtown
Manhattan and I’m also the author of the
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community see how a junior trader lays
out his plan to become a monster trader
at our trading firm so you learn how to
grow your trading account let’s get to
work overall plays a back side short and
the specific pattern for me is to shoot
the gap pattern and that’s just what I
call it it’s not a trading term
it’s just how I categorized the trade
and if for those of you guys who were in
attendance for my daily review process
and my weekly review process meetings
with you guys
I went over an exercise we briefly
touched on that exercise that that can
really help with making bigger trades
and hitting your goal and so this
playbook is sort of revolved around that
exercise I guarantee you and I had
talked about this so for those of you
who are not familiar with this you have
been very consistent as a trader very
consistently profitable particularly
over the last five months and you and I
had talked about how you go from being
super consistent to being able to size
up but also continue being very
consistent is it fair to say you’ve been
you’ve been very consistent as a trader
and you’ve reached that point where you
are a consistently profitable trader yes
and is it fair to say now the challenge
is how do I take that
and get to a next level which requires
unit rate bigger is that fair to say
yeah absolutely
okay and so we had a conversation on the
phone about spilling people in we had a
conversation on the phone about a
potential exercise to go ahead and do
that and so I you and I talked about
this exercise and and what we’re gonna
share here is that exercise which can
help people who are consistently
profitable to get bigger it can also
help people who want to get bigger in
their best trades and so why don’t you
walk us through that particular exercise
and maybe how it helps you or maybe
doesn’t help you the exercise is a
reverse-engineer process so you know you
pick a goal you know you have a record
trade in mind you have a next step in
mind right so whatever that is for you
you know you can pick a number and then
you identify the best trades for you
throughout the day throughout the week
anything that you think you can make
that goal in so you know it could be
something you didn’t trade it could be
something that you traded and then you
review it in a way where you
reverse-engineer it in order to hit that
goal and you want to be very specific
about trade entries sizing stops you
know where your trading new positions
against and and through that experience
I’ve found a tremendously helpful
because not only are you getting a rep
perhaps trading something bigger but
you’re also getting a rep of acting on
these inflection points that are all the
key executions throughout the course of
this trade for you and so you see time
and again every time you do this that
you know it doesn’t necessarily take
that much more in order
make XML it might seem like a lot more
but you know really it’s a lot of it has
to do with trading it correctly hitting
those key inflections and so I think not
only does this exercise help make you a
bigger trader but I think it makes you a
a better trader I think it helps you
more clearly define your your mechanics
and your process for any given trade if
you want to learn three real-world
setups that our traders use including
the simple setup that we teach all of
our new traders and the setup that
turned one of our traders into a
seven-figure big money earner check out
the free webinar that we’re currently
running just go ahead and click the link
that should be appearing right now at
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that’s gonna open up this free
registration page in the new window so
don’t worry you’re not gonna lose this
video you’re gonna learn more in a
couple of hours from this trading
workshop than from years of online
education this was a trade that you know
not only did I review a trade in reverse
engineer that was very similar to this
probably about a week beforehand that I
was able to recall during this trade but
also I came you know extremely close to
hitting my goal in this trade and and
then reviewed it afterwards you know and
found that a way to make you know that
much more I think the key right there is
the being specific
so you’re taking a trade for which you
have edge where you have edge where
you’ve succeeded and you’re reverse
engineering it and then you’re being
specific specific specific about where
you within your system could have been
bigger on entry
exactly where you could have entered
bigger what your stop would have been
for if you were wrong specifically what
your target would have been for if you
were right the the exact setup that she
would have taken so this is not like I’d
really like to make $5,000 in a day and
I think for your goal we wanted to have
a three to four thousand dollar trade
correct yep so this is not like hey I’d
really like to make four thousand
dollars in a day
wouldn’t that be really great I think
I’m really gonna make four thousand
dollars on Monday I really think I’m
gonna do that I’m gonna in my head think
about doing that I really want to do
that those types of thoughts
our well-intentioned but what you’re
doing here is you’re being specific
specific specific specific
about how you are gonna get to the next
level with your trading you’re not even
actually doing anything you’re not doing
that much different you’re not doing
something pie-in-the-sky
we’d all like to make more money okay
and for some of us those numbers are
different we’d all like to make more
money but there’s there’s got to be that
realistic way that you’re going about
getting bigger we all want to trade
bigger I think that’s best
and dr. Steinberg and I talked a lot
about this sizing and trading bigger
really is a goal to start focusing on
after you’ve been consistent like Garret
has been he’s been consistent consistent
consistent terrific terrific ahead of
99.5% of all traders terrific
outstanding but wants to make more and
then there’s a way to go about doing
this and so this is reality based this
is not wishing this is taking what
you’re doing well and showing yourself
how to do it a little bit better
and so it mean to cut you off there but
your overall thought process on how this
might help you with your trading well as
you were describing being specific I
just think that one of the one of the
consequences of that is that when the
trade comes around you trade it with
much more intention because you’ve put
the time in to go through these reps and
so the trades sitting there in front of
you and you’re staring at it and you’re
watching the tape and you’re seeing
these points and it just becomes much
more clear at certain points well this
is what I’m supposed to do here if I
want to reach my goal you know I’ve been
I’ve been practicing this and trading is
a funny thing because you know the
markets open for certain hours during
the day and you’re trading right whereas
like if you’re a basketball player
there’s a game and then you’ve got like
23 other hours and the day to go out
backyard and like shoot hoops and
practice your your jump shot and do
dribbling drills and all that kind of
stuff so you got mean when everyone else
is sleeping you can you can get better
with trading I think you have to be
really creative in order to define ways
to do that and then I think this is just
a great way to do that because when I
traded this I during certain points in
the trade I just felt like I felt more
clear-headed and I felt like I was
trading it with with much more intention
we’ve seen in our work
so this is an exercise that we’ve
suggested to other traders and it really
helped them so when I made the
suggestion to you I wasn’t just making
it up on the spot this is we’ve really
done this in the past it’s really worked
that’s why we’re suggesting it to you
what we’ve seen is that right now you’ve
had a lot of practice thinking of
yourself has a consistently profitable
trader and doing a tremendous job
becoming a consistently profitable
trader no fist bump to you standing
ovations to you and you’ve been walking
around the halls of SMB thinking of
yourself as a consistently profitable
trader preparing each day to be a
consistently profitable trader now we
have to prepare it differently now we’ve
got to think of ourselves differently
and what this exercise helps you to do
is it helps you to think like a monster
trader it helps you to think like a big
trader you’re fishing hunting gaming for
that big trade for you you’re preparing
preparing preparing to hunt that big
trade you’re reviewing
for that big trade you’re expecting to
catch that monster trade that big trade
so it’s not just your mindsets different
which is significant but your works
different your preparation works
different your review works different
your expectations are different and you
start to live the thoughts and the
trades of a big trader and inevitably
since you are consistently profitable
you’re going to become that we’re
starting from a really strong base
you’re a consistently profitable trader
you’ve got great traders around you at a
prop firm you’ve got great ideas around
you out of proprietary trading firm you
see a lot of guys make a lot of money
you’re on a great team this is a matter
of time before we’re gonna get to that
next step so it’s doing all that I’m
seeing it’s doing all that for you all
right let’s jump into a specific example
of this exercise if you wouldn’t so this
is GN us I’m just gonna give a little
background leading up to this trade here
the one month big picture so G in u.s.
traded from 30 cents to ten dollars in
one month so that’s the first key piece
of information and then you know in the
in the last two days it traded from 280
to $10 so this is a parabolic stock a
month ago on May 6 that announced to
lunch cartoon channel which is a new
channel for them
digital network across Amazon Amazon
Prime Apple TV Comcast etc and so this
was the news that popped it off so you
know it it had a move on that day it had
some volume you know this was the
initial catalyst but this really was
only the beginning of the story of the
price action so the next day they
announced a direct offering 8 million
thirty-five cents a share it’s 20% of
the market cap and then a whole tire the
following day may 18th they do another
offering and it holds again made 28th
they filed a sell twenty million shares
at 150 each one of these offerings is
getting at a higher price it tanked on
that day and they never recovered
the following day held higher and then
two days later it took out that high
that it made on that on the 28th before
it tanked at 280 and then it took two
days to squeeze 210 dollars in the
after-hours so that’s sort of the
evolution of what happened to GN us so
the intraday big picture was that on the
previous day GN us gapped up after what
looked like could be exhaustion so it
had a lot of the traits of this setup
but the tape was trapping and clearly
was not ready and it traded from 4 to 8
on that day I took some paper cuts on
that day and then realized that the tape
just wasn’t wasn’t ready I had been long
in the after hours the day before and
you could tell by watching the tape that
someone was stuck or someone was
manipulating so this continued on in
that trading day and it traded 400
million shares on that day which was
just ridiculous
flow of rotation and anyone not familiar
with that that just means that it’s
trading multiples of its float in one
day and so it’s just turning over shares
you know at each new level there are
probably new shorts coming in and so you
know price sometimes gets extremely
irrational on these types of days
because it just has more to do with the
the people trading it in the share
structure than anything else
so on the day of the trade there was
another gap up above 8 and so this
became even more interesting for a shoot
the gap play and so that’s a pattern
that I’ll talk about in a second and so
the idea behind this is that when this
buyer turns off you know whatever that
is whatever is driving it up exceptional
momentum should deflate so it’s not so
much momentum on the way up that that
momentum should come out and create the
opposite reaction so on the day of the
trade near the open Citroen came out
with cautious comments which was not
really a surprise with a $1 target and
GNU s bounced a little bit which again
is not another non surprise because a
lot of times when citron comes out on
these things it doesn’t necessarily mean
the stock is gonna go down at all and it
doesn’t necessarily mean the stock is
gonna go down right away there are a few
different scenarios that can play out
when citron comes out with cautious
comments and then at 10:00 a.m. GMT to
offer 60 million shares at $2 a share
and again it’s done a lot of offerings
so far so again it doesn’t necessarily
have to go down on this news it could it
could be the catalyst but you know for
me when these types of things happen it
just means I really want to be watching
the tape you know it doesn’t mean I have
a preconceived notion about what what
it’s gonna do it just means this is a
serious area of interest and a time that
I should be focusing on the stock
because this could be it and in this
case it was when that when that offering
came out so the HDR $1.24 and this has
just been increasing every day obviously
with the range average daily volume same
things 28 million but it’s increasing
every day like I said it did 400 million
on that that previous day the are valves
around 10 on this day and the short
says 3.5% but again you know when it’s
doing 400 million shares and you’ve got
a lot of intraday traders in it that
number can be can be inaccurate and the
float 88 million the back side short
play which I touched on the idea here is
that I want to be catching the unwind
after a parabolic and move on the higher
time frame so when that momentum comes
out it’s like the rubber band snaps back
sometimes this takes a catalyst
sometimes it doesn’t and I have a
playbook of these backside short
patterns that help me time this trail so
the shoot the gap patter and this was
the particular form of this came in on
this day and so what I look for with the
shoot the gap pattern is a parabolic
move on the daily chart plus a super
green candle on increased volume takes
it to new highs so we basically have a
daily green candle that’s bigger than
all the others and then we have a gap up
the following morning and then
preferably a morning ramp through those
pre market highs and this is a this is a
pattern we saw an on apron in March we
saw it with beyond
earlier this year and you’ll see it
often with these parabolic stocks
especially when they have very big moves
on the daily chart so my objective here
is to identify a level in the morning
that it can’t trade above and then look
for weakness on the tape in this opening
range and spot an inflection point for
potential morning unwinds the idea is
that the rubber band is so stretched at
this point that any kind of crack in the
morning session
create the unwind in which case it will
probably happen very fast and has the
potential of a big move you know and if
it holds all morning and into the
afternoon it starts to change you know
the the way that I attack it will start
to change so the key points for this
type of setup for me is that you know
FOMO can be palpable because at this
point there’s a lot of opportunity you
tend to not want to miss it and so it’s
very easy to get in front of it it’s
very easy to get squeezed and you know
lose a bunch before it’s ready frankly
and you have to be willing to draw down
but but you don’t want to you want to
try not to have FOMO dictate how you’re
gonna trade this and so the way for me
to do that is to have mechanics and
procedures in place to manage this so
you want to manage the risk on the front
side visualize what you might see that
tells you the moment is now and this is
like this is really big for me and this
exercise is I mean that’s what this is
all about
it’s like identifying these moments the
moments where you can add sighs the
moments where you might be able to trade
it against a tighter stop the moment
when you have the timing right and the
edge increases in the trade and that’s
those moments are really what you want
to be able to identify with this trade
in order to get more size and and so for
me I like to visualize what that might
look like and so you know this exercise
helps with that visualization because it
forces you to do that with other other
instances and often these trades trigger
minutes hours days later than you think
what happened fast when they happen so
again you can’t really predict when it
will happen and that’s why you have to
manage the FOMA and a lot of times it’s
later than you think like this one
happened a day later than I thought
and then I would say watch the tape
because for me I just find a lot of edge
in the tape when all of them when
everything else is a big question mark
the tape for me is usually the first
thing that will start telling me that
will start giving me more clarity as to
the timing of the trade this is the
weekly chart just zoomed out to five
years just to give everyone an idea the
move that this thing had and and the
volume like you can see the volume is
more volume than the stock’s ever done
it’s a lifetime a lot more volume here’s
the daily chart a three month and so you
know we have this big day right here and
then we had a large gap up and this this
green candle here is the day where it
did 400 million shares and I did think
that the open that there was potential
for this day to be a day where where we
had a big down roof but then it needed
one more day and it actually turned into
a much bigger opportunity and then you
can see just had a huge gap on the day
that it came off traded to almost 12 and
then tanked down to almost four so
here’s the 30 day picture and this is
just a little outline of the evolution
here so this this breakout here was the
Cartoon Network news and then they did
an offering and then you can see it just
held this 50 cent level for like a week
and then started moving higher started
holding over 120 it did an offering
continued to hold 120 for a couple weeks
broke out at 180 had a had a pre
parabolic move on this day and then
announced the offering and a tank
again held 180 started creeping up and
then broke out at 280 which started the
two day move so this is the one week so
you can see the the 280 breakout right
here and this way this day right here
was the day where and noticed it was
trapping all day and I did get long for
a move into the clothes and in the after
hours on this day and that gave me a lot
of information because I was watching
the tape in the after hours and all day
and I could just you could just tell
that it that there was something going
on like like someone was stuck or
someone was manipulating it just because
you know every time there was a dip that
looked like maybe it should be the turn
it would just get absorbed and pretty
much trap anyone who probably hit that
bed and and then it would just start
drifting higher and so the day before
the trade this is the day that it did
400 million shares same thing just
trapping all day failures things that
looked like failures got absorbed and in
BO tire and then we have the large gap
in the morning ramp from the day of the
trade so here’s the intraday picture so
you can just see the morning ramp and
then we kind of have this this opening
range of a view app where you know we
had the citron comments the squeeze the
s3 offering announcement and then this
moment here where for the first time
just couldn’t trade above 1050 couldn’t
lift the offers and to me that was that
was really like a like a great moment on
the tape and then it halted limit down
five times so here’s the morning on a
1-minute chart again I just want to
reiterate that after watching GN us trap
for two days I want to be asking myself
is this different what do I need to see
for this to be different because it
doesn’t it isn’t just a
failure like a quick failure or
something like that that’s gonna tell me
that the trade is on because it’s been
doing that for two days it’s been doing
that and then trapping so you know how
do we know you know and what are the
things that we can look at to identify
if this is different this time so we
help limit down and this was the first
sign of weakness and citron comes out
with cautionary comments and it bounces
so this is sort of a moment where I’m
just I’m asking myself you know is this
just a recipe for another squeeze is
this gonna have to squeeze higher or
yours at some point is this gonna get
heavy and so you can see this area here
where it started to trade sideways and
again I’m asking myself like is this is
this gonna get is this heavy is this
gonna fail from here or is this gonna
consolidate and and actually squeeze
higher I thought I thought both things
could could happen and then right here
they came out with the offering yes
three announcement and it failed from
this eleven and that was sort of you
know when you get that again and it’s a
and it’s a lower high I got I got a lot
more confirmation here I started to get
a lot more confident that this could be
this could be it and then when it
consolidates under ten fifty and can’t
lift you know that was the moment for me
you know that was where I said to myself
this is different you know and if it
isn’t I can control my risk here
you know if I’m wrong I can head out but
it can’t bounce so it’s having trouble
bouncing and and the other thing I was
saying myself is if it takes out 960 and
fails from this level it has a really
hard down move it might not see that
price again and so you know all of that
combined starts to give me a lot more
confidence that this is a really good
trade Garrett did you think about
hitting this right away when they s3
came out yeah I actually did and I’ll
I’ll describe that in the next slide but
I I did I had some I had actually been
short and then I kind of hit out on this
move I got squeezed a little bit and
then I hit back in as soon as like came
out and I was hitting into feelers and
then just I kept adding basically so you
know I hit as soon as the announcement
came out asking myself was this a recipe
for another trap but I I need to be
involved here and then you know the tape
was a little soft like you know what I’m
looking for is I’ll I’ll hit it after
the announcement and then I want to make
sure that they can’t lift the offers and
I want to see more bids drop and if that
happens I’m gonna hit more and so like I
said earlier the tape is really gonna
give me the information and so I hit it
a couple times on this candle and then
it was in this consolidation once I saw
that it couldn’t trade above 1050 that I
actually got most of the size that I had
in the trade so this is a this is the
execution just written out the way that
I reviewed this trade so we’re we’re
kind of going over this in real time
here so I’m not sure I have to read all
this out loud but the key is just that
I’m being really specific here you know
I’m talking about for instance I added
on citron and head out of my eyes on
this pop at 11:00 it couldn’t trade
higher fast forward to added 250 shares
of 1080 against 11:30 risking 150 for a
feeler dropped 1070 on the s3
announcement there was a slate lift and
volume so I’m asking myself was this
different I add another 250 at 10:50 on
principle because I’m not risking enough
yet and then I still see the offers
and so now I’m thinking you know this is
this is 500 shares against 1040 it
pauses so I’m just I’m figuring out how
to get more and more size in this trade
as the tape is telling me that I can so
what this is is this is you proving to
yourself if I’m not mistaken that this
can be a trade where you hit that goal
that you’re shooting for right now yes
see you’re yes you’re going back through
the trade within your trading system on
the trade that you made and you’re
realistically showing to yourself that
you could have made quite a bit more and
this is giving you confidence that in
the same trade that you were in with the
same trading system that you have the
year results for for you at this present
moment it could have been could it could
have hit your goals
and I think I think that think I get you
to show yourself prove to yourself prove
to yourself I mean how do you argue with
that it’s right there in front of you in
a trade that you took what the results
could have been at the stage you are now
as a trader because you’re gonna get
better as you go along it’s not like
we’re asking you to come up with some
exotic options hedge strategy for this
these are all the things you’re doing
all the stuff you’re watching all the
trades you take in just you make a
couple of changes and you can get there
and the really interesting part about
that is that all of the executions
outlined here our executions that I took
so there’s not even anything in here
that I really didn’t do it was just a
few moments where I could have gotten a
little more sighs a little earlier made
I mean I made a couple more thousand
dollars on the trade just by doing that
and I mean in that the only way to
realize that is to lay this out is to
outline it I think because I think it’s
easy to think that well I need to do a
lot different to make a few more
thousand dollars or I need to you know
be a lot bigger and there wasn’t a huge
difference in my execution between you
know making a couple more thousand
dollars in the trade so that just taught
me that paying attention to detail is
important and you know those little
things matter like if you can gets a
little bit more size a little bit better
price which puts you in a better
position maybe add more later stuff like
that you know I can make all the
and I know one of the things that we
talked about was you wanted to trade
bigger without sacrificing your
and this is when you’re laying this out
this is not you sacrificing any of your
consistency either
yeah and one of the things that I’ve
been talking about with dr. s are just
those moments in the trade where it’s
almost like a separate trade you know
it’s the same trade idea but you get
another chance to add another piece
against a different stop with a
different risk reward and realizing that
doing it and and seeing it that way and
in that way a lot of the times you’re
not even necessarily risking more you
know you might you might have a chance
to make three times as much but you
might only be risking a third more than
you you know you planned on or something
you know so so I think that those those
moments are really big for me in terms
of you know where my mind’s at now and
what I’m studying in these trades and so
you know with this trade you know for me
it all it all started with the s3
announcement and I just started getting
some feelers because I wanted to see the
tape not trap
but I knew I wanted to get bigger so the
more that it didn’t track and the more
that the offers couldn’t lift and the
heavier it seemed the more size I got
and I mean I think that like when you
recommend you can recognize a moment
like this where it’s holding below 10:50
and that’s different and they can’t lift
it and you can I mean you can taste it
you’re like I don’t like it if it’s 950
drops if this if it breaks down from
here this could be it and you start to
you start to realize that and like to me
like that’s those are those moments as a
trader where I mean you can get you can
get really excited it’s like when the
day is over you have to be thankful for
those moments too because it’s like they
don’t happen all the time but I mean
that’s just
I love that and so you know I’m trying
to study how to take more advantage of
that moment you know because I’m already
good at getting involved in the right
spots I’m already good at
you know swinging things against you
know appropriate prices but when you
have a chance to ad against a tighter
stop and really really hammer the moment
like that’s to me that’s that’s it
that’s like a big part of it so for me
that was right here 100% 100% you’re
using the word taste lots of people use
the word feel you’re watching a stock
for multiple days you get a sense it’s
overbought you see a pattern you like
it’s starts to work for you you feel
that this is a big moment you feel that
you’re right you feel that this is a
trade you can make a lot of money in and
then your thinking has to switch
and the thinking is how do I put on
enough risk lots of times when we’re
trading when you get that feeling it’s
it’s it’s super important to make sure
you have on enough risk
lots of times we’re trading and what
we’re doing is we’re very cognizant of
our risk versus our reward but but but
when you feel that you’ve you’re you’re
catching a big trade when you feel that
this is the moment when you feel that
this is gonna be a huge winner you’ve
got to switch your focus you’ve got to
be hyper focused – do I have enough risk
on how do I get enough risk on how do I
get enough has gone for my system how do
I add where do I add where do I put it
how am I gonna get into this like you
were thinking that’s your focus it’s a
different focus than how you normally
are thinking about lots of times you
really are thinking more about the
overall risk and protecting it you shift
in these moments and there’s the risk is
you don’t put on your full risk it’s a
it’s a different mindset at that point
the risk is you don’t have enough risk
on when you feel it for a big trade and
I highlight here the last chance to add
for me this is this is what I thought I
consider to be the last chance to add
which i think is also important because
if you’re if you’re in that mindset I
think you kind of want to be aware of
when you might have the last chance to
add just because that’s your last chance
and what happened was it it halted down
on this candle and then it opened up and
so now we have a we have a break down
from here to two halts in a row you know
so we’re getting a lot of confirmation
here and so when it opens up from the
hall if it if it can’t trade higher
you know to me there’s there’s enough
meat on the bone
where I can add some and you know if
it’s at if it’s at a much different
price it doesn’t mean I need to double
my size or anything but but I can add
some and I did add some there and so it
opened up from the hall it lifted a
little bit and then you could kind of
see it get whacked down and then you
know that was it
I added some there and then that was
after that I’m kind of in covering mode
and I want to switch to thinking about
how I’m gonna cover this because this
can go pretty far and I don’t want to
underestimate it but at the same time I
want to be aware and I want to be sharp
for opportunities to cover and I don’t
want to you know obviously overstay and
let it kind of let it great trade kind
of come all the way back so I do want to
pay myself but I want to be patient with
it and so one of the ways that I do that
is I just cover a little bit at certain
places which kind of helps pace me it
helps me sort of identify those moments
where it might be good to cover but it
also helps me not you know get rid of
the whole thing too quickly so what I
was doing here is I was covering a
little bit into each halt or rather when
it opens up from a previous halt and
flushes down just covering a little bit
each time it does that and what I had in
mind here was very similar to the apron
trade that I reviewed and did this
exercise with the week earlier and this
was a trade from March that I kind of
just went back to because I had I just
had an intuition now we’d see a similar
thing I didn’t think it was going to be
this similar but I just I wanted to
review this trade and it was amazing how
much I recalled from that apron review
while in my seat trading this especially
once I was in the position
I was thinking about what do I want to
see to get out and what happened with
apron is kind of the same thing where it
halted limit down four or five times and
then the last time it gapped way down
when it opened and then that was it that
was the bottom and so that’s what I was
looking for here and so I was able to
get flat my position you know somewhere
in here close to the bottom because I
remembered this pattern from the apron
trade just to summarize this was
definitely a large opportunity and so we
had a play that I have edge in so it’s
the perfect play to reverse engineer pay
attention to detail visualize getting
size Akeem deflections and the apron
review definitely helped me here and so
I expect future reviews to help me
well great hey I just want to thank you
for doing this I’ll say this distinctly
this is the best review of ever we’ve
ever done hands down that’s awesome
really appreciate it really clear
thinking really detailed review it’s so
appreciate it
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