The Green Shirt

Recently another firm trader earned a Green Shirt.  You earn a Green Shirt for producing 1 million in net profits for the year.

Dr. Steenbarger, trading coach and author, instructs that we ought to study the trading success stories.  Why are they winning?  What can we co-opt from their success to improve our own trading.

From my seat, here are a few things I have observed about this trader.

This Green Shirt trader has a specefic niche.

This trader trades a niche best suited for his personality and cognitive strengths.  He knows what he does well. He spends trading sessions playing to his strengths.

Trader possesses unusually high processing power, allowing him to make very fast decisions in real-time.  Trading success requires a talent for it.  He has it.  And more importantly, he has developed his trading talents.

This Green Shirt trader has consistently and purposely pushed his trading size, within his trading niche.  We all shared a laugh about his 4 million shares plus of volume after 50k lot positions during one trading session this week.  His net trading profits were approximately 6xs fees on this trading session.

Trader has embraced working in a Team and finding value from junior traders for his own trading.  This value has emanated particularly from technology (offensive entry stock scripts, filters, models) that junior traders built for him.

The latest member of the Green Shirt hall, is a master of consistency.  There are few home runs that drive his PnL, but, in fact, perpetual single after single.

Trader embraces coaching to help him improve both as a trader and Team leader.

I look forward to sitting with Dr. Steenbarger and the latest Green Shirt receipient and setting new goals for 2018.  My sense is 2018 will be much more profitable for this trader.  Time for him to start planning for the next level of trading success.

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