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Gilbert Mendez

Tape Reading Techniques That Can Help You Execute the Best Intraday Swing Trades
$245 per person if purchased by November 4
$295 per person after November 4
Thursday, November 18, 2010 | 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Steven Spencer

Steven Spencer, partner, and Gilbert Mendez, partner, are part of SMB Capital, the only trading firm in the United States that currently offers a comprehensive tape reading program. This presentation will focus on using tape reading techniques to enhance order execution and position management for the best intraday swing trades. By identifying very specific patterns that occur on the tape, traders will greatly improve their entry and exit prices for the best technical set-ups. Some of the topics discussed will include: pre- and post-market trading; enhancing technical set-ups with tape reading skills; entries and exits; using the tape as an additional check to increase your win rate; and much more.


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  1. Head trader? GMan, who briefed them? And who is responsible of Spencer’s mug shot. LOL

  2. Good point! Partner is much better than head trader anyway. The only thing I have to say about Steven’s pic is that at least he shaved 😉

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