Unconventional Training for the Modern Trader: Unlocking Your Full Potential

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As traders it is a best practice to learn from the Greats- particularly how they train to improve.  Tom Brady unarguably one of the great QB’s to every play football offers us a best practice to incorporate into our training.  That best practice is: train unconventionally to achieve unconventional results. Brady was featured in a fascinating New York Times article … Read More

Who Are You Competing With?

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Have you ever contemplated who you are really competing with in the forex market?  Does it really matter?  You just want to make some money. Who cares right? It matters because you can gain great perspective from understanding why different market participants operate in the market. Contrary to what many of the retail trader conspiracy theorists believe, your broker is … Read More

Why is Order Flow Important?

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When it comes to order flow, many newer traders tend to think of volume bars or time and sales information.  It is much more than that, and it really helps to understand the premise behind how markets facilitate order flow.  It may not give you an immediate strategy to make money with, but what it does is provides an added … Read More

Forex Trading: The Benefits of Volume Analysis

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Whenever I mention “volume analysis” in relation to forex trading, almost instantly I get the following question,”Hey isn’t the volume in the spot market unreliable since there is no central exchange?” The answer is yes it is unreliable and that is why when I analyze volume in the currency market, I don’t use spot, I use futures. The next question … Read More