Turn Your Ideas Into Statistics

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The trading world is littered with anecdotal evidence of cause and effect from various technical indicators and signals. I cringe when I hear something like the following: “As you can see, last time the 19-week moving average crossed the 52-week moving average, this stock moved 18.5%.” This statement has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It’s an observation of a … Read More

Forex Road Map

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Marc Principato, CMT records a trade setup as it happens on the S&P 500 CFD instrument. This is an example of how the traders in the SMB Forex and Futures program manage emerging opportunities. It’s like having a road map. Can you see the value? — Marc Principato, CMT Risk Disclaimer *No Relevant Positions

The Forex Road Map

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When new traders enter the forex market, they install their platform of choice and then ask the following question, “How do I know which way my forex pair is going?”. They usually seek the answer by immersing themselves into the world of confusion. Amazingly enough, newer traders already come to the game with the preconceived notions that their brokers love. … Read More

A Tape Trade

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One of the questions I receive most often is regarding trades based strictly on the tape. These occur far less frequently than in years past because of the masking of buyers/sellers by the HFTs but they still do occur from time to time. This morning I was trading AMLN on the Open as it was In Play due to an … Read More