A Walk in Boston with 3 Experienced Traders Giving Back

Let me share a video jam-packed with trading advice and wisdom for developing and experienced traders.  Three experienced traders are interviewed for this video, who have experience both as professional traders, but also mentoring traders.  I make this distinction because the addition of their experience mentoring traders means they have spent significant time thinking of how best to communicate important … Read More

How you bring a better you to each trading session (to increase profits)

In this post, you will be challenged to bring a better you to each trading session to increase profits.  I will share one innovative idea a junior trader at our proprietary trading firm in NYC is using to drive his performance. And the nexus between his happiness and good trading.  Let’s dive in. SMB Virtual Happy Hour on Happiness Recently, … Read More

Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How To Make Specific Adjustments to Your Trading To Succeed In High Volatility Markets Trading Tesla’s Delivery Numbers To Grow Your Trading Account Huge Options Trading Blunders: I’ll Find The Holy Grail Options Strategy And Just Trade That (ep10) Six Essential Trading Tips for the Patient Trader How A Part-time Profitable Trader Agonizingly Blew Up His Trading Account  *no relevant … Read More

5 ideas to minimize the damage on your worst trading days

Hi Mike, I’m a DNA member and really enjoyed your book One Good Trade. I have a problem’s with about 5-6 days a year that are big loses. Really hurting my annual results. Thoughts on best practices….Do you recommend a platform that will cut me off? Thoughts? @MikeBellafiore Recently, I asked one our consistently profitable traders his plan to make … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders to improve your trading

You want to start improving as a trader, but you are not sure how to.  And the weekend is a perfect opportunity for you to work on improving your trading, but you are not sure where to start. Moreover, the market has been extra volatile this past week and you are not sure how to attack it responsibly.  You know … Read More

Weekend learning for traders from SMB – August 18, 2018

Here are the top learning links from us this week.  We hope they help your trading. 3 trade examples using our most effective trading indicator- Reading the Tape Why do stocks completely reverse on Day 2 How to think about Reading the Tape This trader wants it all and wants it now Two different paths to improved trading consistency How … Read More

SMB trading lessons for the weekend

The weekend is a wonderful time to improve your trading.  We hope some of the videos below give you some concrete ideas and trading setups to improve. SMB Goodness How to become a Successful Tader: Lecture at Indiana University How to use technical analysis more effectively with a trade setups from our prop desk The One Low Risk Setup Everyone … Read More