Falde’s TEA 2.0 Indicator is Now Available

The TEA 2.0 Indicator is one of the simplest ways to identify the current stage of the market cycle. It’s sensitive enough to identify the early part of moves but smooth enough to avoid an excessive number of false signals. The indicator was custom built with the TradeStation “Easy Language”. The code is available open source and will be available … Read More

Free Video Series for Systems Trading

We are preparing to develop a series of free videos on the topic of Systems Trading. Systems are applicable for equities, options, futures, and forex traders. They can be as simple as a set of guidelines for entry and exit — or as complex as a fully automated black box. Our focus with SMB Systems is to accelerate your process … Read More

Paper Trading: Does it Help or Hurt?

When it comes to paper trading, there seems to be two strongly opinionated sides to its purpose in helping traders learn how to trade. There are the opponents and this group usually includes brokers (I wonder why). Their argument goes something like this: Paper trading is something you want to do for maybe a week or so in order to … Read More

Forex: Too Much Information

By marcp | View this Toon at ToonDoo | Create your own Toon Ever been in one of those conversations with a friend who doesn’t know how to filter his story and includes the kind of detail about a hot date that you really didn’t need to know? We all have. Your friend just painted a visual picture of details … Read More

Free Webinar – Systems Trading Tools

If you missed Rick Martin’s webinar on system trading tools to use in your trading – what they are, how to know if they will work, if you have what it takes to add a computer to your trading, and how to tune them to fit your trading style please click here to watch the recording.

A Few Spins Of The Wheel

Last week we talked about the casino’s edge which in the trading world is called expectancy, but all that expectancy tells us is whether or not our trading strategy is likely to be profitable or not—but not how much money we might make.  How profitable depends on how often we have a chance to trade our system—will it be a … Read More

Sometimes It Pays To Be Boring

What if I told you it was possible to be up over 30% year to date trading just QQQ about once every other day. Sound boring? And the only thing you had to do was to turn on your computer—well, not the only thing—and that you would have to have a thoroughly tested trading system first. And if you did, … Read More