A Saturday Trading Strategy

I came into the office Saturday to get some work done.  Just prior my son finished a baseball doubleheader in Queens. We drove back home, dropped his bags at our apartment, changed, and headed to the office.  His mom and sister were at our beach house so it was just the boys. To keep Luke occupied, while I worked, we … Read More

Improve YOUR trading this weekend with these proven educational videos

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An effective trading technique to help limit unnecessary trading losses

We were sitting in our training room in NYC, during our daily 11AM mentoring session, and a new trader reviewing his open said, “I should have moved on from the stock.”  It doesn’t really matter what the stock was or the setup, as this statement has been heard on trading desks since the beginning of trading.  The new trader didn’t … Read More

Its Ok to Change Your Mind–Pandora

Pandora released their earnings after the market closed Thursday. If the numbers were OK I was looking to purchase at 26 or lower. I broadcasted live on SMB Real Time as I bought shares between 25-26. It eventually bounced to 27.50 where I sold most of the shares.   The next morning I was going to repeat what I had … Read More

Greed Is Good? How to Handle It

One of the most iconic images people have of Wall Street is the scene from the first Wall Street film where Gordon Gecko delivers his infamous monologue that begins like this, “Greed, for the lack of a better word, is good”. Since greed and its first cousin fear still drive markets, it does serve a purpose in terms of creating … Read More

Trading: Less Fighting, More Fishing

Much of the time when you read about trading, many use metaphors that refer to competition or war. You will often hear phrases like, “the forex arena”, “bulls battling the bears”, “you compete with the best and brightest minds in the world”. This is convenient and filled to the brim with conflict (we love drama just watch the news). What … Read More

Trade Review: EURUSD with Price Action Confirmation

In this segment, Marc Principato, CMT, reviews a real EUR/USD day trade that is based on two price patterns and candlestick analysis. He uses price action as confirmation to enter the trade. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/utraderyt Help me write my book: http://www.unconventionaltrader.com Training Info: http://www.bit.ly/smbhome My analysis on TradingView.com: http://bit.ly/tviewprfle Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/marcpmarkets Webinar and Trade Review Archive: http://bit.ly/archpge — Marc Principato, CMT, Risk … Read More

Price Action Techniques For Consistency Part 2 Webinar

My 4 week online class begins on 1/21.  Register before space runs out. This webinar provides an idea of the topics I will be covering.  In particular: How I project support and resistance levels How I use candlesticks to validate trades And how to question the market for context Any questions, make sure to email me.  Once the class begins, registration will … Read More