Top 6 Most Popular Trading Strategies Videos of 2019

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How to Trade the Open A trade that few retail traders know about that most pros profit on  Elite prop trader on how he made 17 times his risk on one huge trade An Options Strategy Than Can Return 100% Overnight How to trade Breakout Trades more effectively ($ETSY) How to Trade Oil Futures *no relevant positions Important disclosures

A Lesson on Trading Strategies

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In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore sits down with Maxim from to discuss different trading strategies. In this video, you will learn: How identify stocks in play What types of news catalyst will put stocks in play What can make stocks trend intraday and for a swing trade We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills. … Read More

Should This Trader Make a Comeback?

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Below is an interesting trading anecdote I received via LinkedIn.  I asked the writer if I could share his trading experience with our community.  He agreed.  The names and places have been changed for compliance reasons and we have no interest in saying anything negative about anyone or any firm on this blog. What I find interesting about his note … Read More