Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk – November 23, 2019

How to handle those miserable trading slumps and large losses (Top Senior Prop Trader teaches you) You can try this surprisingly simple Options Trading strategy for monthly income 6 steps to improving your trading patience and discipline 20 habits to become a highly profitable trader AM Meeting: How to prepare to trade the open Trading Psychology: Every elite trader has … Read More

Katz’s Corner: Are There Trading Hot streaks?

Do we have hot streaks as a trader? There is some research here from the must read @jonahlehrer that suggests that the belief there are shooting streaks in basketball is not supported by the data. I asked Dr. Jonathan F. Katz of High Performance Associates and who works with traders for his thoughts (see below): Ah, the age old question, perception … Read More

Trading Slumps: Don’t Stop Believing

Recently one of our guys was struggling. His Luger’s fund (money donated by our desk for a celebratory meal at Peter Luger steakhouse http://www.peterluger.com/) jokingly(?) turned into Mike’s Survival fund as you can see from the picture. Trading slumps as they are usually known, happen to the best of us. To me it is just a psychological barrier that slowly … Read More