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Links to help you improve as a trader The path and setup with edge that helped one firm trader gain his confidence The path and trading setup to help you become a consistently profitable trader Become a pattern recognition machine How to buy a stock that is oversold The trading technique to improve results for a top day trader *no … Read More

Trade Review: $DDD

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This trade review video of DDD discusses a “momentum reversal” short trade Steve made on May 14. To watch the video please sign up below: If you would like Steve Spencer’s Trade Review videos to arrive directly to your inbox as they become available, please subscribe HERE.   Steven Spencer is the co-founder of SMB Capital and SMB University and … Read More

Second Day Play: BA

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I got most of our desk in that play in BA yesterday. I traded it fairly well and managed to keep a significant core for most of the down move. However, watching back my tape and seeing how this is on my list of plays I have to load the boat in I really wussed out; this was a play … Read More