Why Do I Trade Worse on Monday?

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I read the comment below from a daily review from a trader with whom I work. I asked Dr. Menaker, trading psychologist, for his input. I have developed a pattern of being too aggressive (each week, a different kind of way, after I learned my lesson a prior week) on Monday’s. Today did not have to be aggravating. I could’ve … Read More

Katz’s Korner: Do Traders Need More Testosterone?

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I received this email from a new trader: You’re probably already aware of this correlation between testosterone and performance as it relates to trading. It’s interesting to consider though as direct empirical evidence for the notion that Division I athletes have a proclivity to be good traders, e.g., Adam Guren. It’s something I tried to keep in mind when I … Read More

Katz’s Corner: Coping with Uncertainty

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  A recent article from Trader Psyches discusses the challenges traders often face when confronted with the market’s constant uncertainty and ambiguity. Dr. Jonathan F. Katz, performance coach at High Performance Associates, provides his response to the article: “The ambiguity of uncertainty”…..one of the great challenges of life…especially for traders and individuals working in high performance outcome professions like sports … Read More