Thank you Covid!

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I got Covid for the first time this week.  Many on the desk didn’t miss their opportunity to tease me about being the last person on earth to get it.  My son got it as well.  That meant a trip to our house on the Jersey Shore to isolate from mom, his sister, and others.  So it was just the … Read More

Minimizing Damage on Your Worst Trading Days: 5 Ideas to Keep Your Trades on Track

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Hi Mike, I’m a DNA member and really enjoyed your book One Good Trade. I have a problem’s with about 5-6 days a year that are big loses. Really hurting my annual results. Thoughts on best practices….Do you recommend a platform that will cut me off? Thoughts? @MikeBellafiore Recently, I asked one our consistently profitable traders his plan to make … Read More

A Lesson on Trading Losses

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In our SMBU Daily Video, Mike Bellafiore sits down with Maxim from to discuss trading losses. In this video, you will learn: SMB’s risk management rules How to deal with trading losses and manage your risk. We hope this video helps you improve your trading skills. – SMBU Team no relevant positions

Losses are Part of the Game: How to Minimize

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Trading losses are part of the game, the trick is minimizing them and managing risk. Marc Principato, CMT, walks through a swing trade loss and how he managed the risk exiting the trade. Subscribe: Help me write my book: Training Info: My analysis on Twitter: Webinar and Trade Review Archive: — Marc Principato, … Read More