What a Successful Trader Would Never Do

Mike, This was kind of a mixed week. Good. 1. I find the 2nd day trade makes the most sense to me. I pick the strongest stock of the day and then find two levels of support and outline my entry price, stop price, target, and size. So far so good. 2. I also found that I don’t pay as … Read More

Free Webinar: Solving the #1 Trading Frustration

Please join SMBU this Thursday at 6:00PM ET for our Free Webinar: Solving the #1 Trading Frustration: How to Adapt to Changing Market Conditions. This event for the SMBU Trading Community will be hosted by SMB partner and market veteran Steve Spencer. Steve offers hands down the best active market commentary on a consistent basis than anyone else in the … Read More

Trading Frustration #4: Getting Stopped Out Only to Next Watch You Were Right

One of the Top 5 Trading Frustrations is getting stopped out only to watch your stock trade higher (or lower, as the case may be). In this video below Steve Spencer and I offer some suggestions for this frustration. Often the real issue is not getting stopped out but you not getting back in. Learning to quickly bounce back from trading … Read More

Turning Anger into Trading Performance

@Zmoose12 wrote an honest and excellent post about his negative March that left him sick to his stomach. I sat in my office yesterday listening to an underperforming trader share how miserable his past losses have made him feel. We have learned from The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin that we can use this anger as fuel to trigger … Read More