2 Trading Lessons from Our Lecture at Pace University

I visited Pace University for a guest lecture hoping to teach aspiring traders and finance types what is really important to succeed in our game.  There are two takeaways to share. Trading is not what most people think.  Too many are inundated with misinformation about what it really takes to be a great trader.  The Financial Media Entertainment Complex starring … Read More

Trading Frustration #2: A Lack of Trading Confidence

The #2 Trading Frustration in the SMBU Trading Community is a lack of trading confidence. In this video below Steve Spencer and I offer some solutions for this top trading frustration. This is how you improve your trading confidence. If you have lost your trading confidence, then this is how you regain your trading confidence. We’ve all been there! A psychology … Read More

How do I regain my trading confidence?

Hi Mike, I think it’s crazy (in a great way) that a successful trader/prop firm manager/author still takes time to answer random question from traders… Thanks so much for considering responding to mine. First, a bit of background so you know where I’m coming from. I started trading at the beginning of 2004 at a prop firm in Chicago that … Read More

Increasing your confidence as a trader

So you see that a trader really can make it.  He has stopped losing money, put up some good days, works hard, loves the work, and is bound to getting better.  At this point I move to work on building his confidence.  But how do you do this? The worst thing is to applaud a high P&L day.  A good … Read More