Weekend learning lessons for traders to improve your trading

You want to start improving as a trader, but you are not sure how to.  And the weekend is a perfect opportunity for you to work on improving your trading, but you are not sure where to start. Moreover, the market has been extra volatile this past week and you are not sure how to attack it responsibly.  You know … Read More

How do I prevent my past trading mistakes from affecting my trading?

Mike, I’ve made every trader mistake I’ve ever heard of (including a few of my own). I have a system that I’ve built over time and I’ve backtested, and I can say it makes me money once followed well. I’ve implemented checklists, video recording and report cards to it.  However, I think all the mistakes I’ve made in the past … Read More

Sometimes the best trades just come to you

Sometimes the best trades just come to you. Today was a perfect example in SUPN.  During our 11AM mentoring session with our new class, we discussed this important trading lesson. Yes! we need to prepare before the open. Yes! we want to develop theses for trades. Yes! stock selection best for you is important before the market opens. But we … Read More

I want my business judged on MY trades!

I have been mentoring a futures trader recently.  In a daily review (below), he provided feedback that mentoring encouraging him to focus on his best trades was powerful.   I am working with a developing equities trader, who is very profitable when he focuses on his trade.  He can tell you what it is.  He writes in his reviews that … Read More

Things heard on the prop desk this Monday

Monday’s strength was surprising to some prop traders on the Street, after the huge down move Friday.  Let me share some things heard on our prop desk, and then make a trading point. Me: didnt expect today Trader: it’s just so annoying Me: yes yes yes.  but good example of…..its our job to trade the market not expect the market … Read More

Working hard may be getting in the way of your trading success

You say: I want to be a professional trader.  I need to work as hard as I can to accomplish that goal.  I will outwork everyone at my firm or in my trading community. There is a problem here.  Catch it? To accomplish your goal working as hard as you can will not help you accomplish your goals.  That will … Read More

Is Reading the Tape still important?

  Hi Mr. Bellafiore, I can start by saying this is a huge honor being able to write to a legend as yourself in the world of stock market trading. I read your book One Good Trade and am on the way to reading The PlayBook which are hugely influential course materials on the subject matter of trading as I’m … Read More