A ? 4 the Trading Community- Specialize or Well-Rounded

Dr. Steenbarger helped SMB recognize one of the improvements we could make at our firm awhile ago. The partners and Senior Traders must be responsible for a great deal of teaching and mentoring. But if traders are not leveraging the talent of all firm members then that firm is not offering the best learning environment. Traders learn from other traders … Read More

10x = X

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Pat Riley Maybe I am starting to get a little old.  Maybe the half a generation removed from most of our traders is the difference. Then there is my pending marriage and their out-till-4AM shenanigans.  But I see a disturbing trend with a few developing traders and some potential … Read More

Burn the Boats

“Burn the boats.”  I cannot stop thinking about this video introduced to us by crosshairstrader.  If you are a serious market participant please watch it. There is a lot of this market is too hard out there.   When I first started trading we had one CRT monitor. We had no charts. There was no newsfeed. Our trading system would … Read More

Traders Ask: Determining Your Stop

Dear Bella, Where would your stop loss be for the lot you added when the sellers won at 76? More importantly, how does one determine the right spot to place your stop loss or your “line in the sand”, so to speak? I also traded BIDU today and I had 76.50 and 76.00 marked as key levels. I missed my … Read More

Traders Ask: How Do You Find Your Stocks?

I received the following email question from Reader David: Good morning Mike, Firstly thank you for taking the time to talk to me the other day all the way over in NZ. As I have mentioned before, my passion for trading has lead me to buy and read alot of trading books. But all that reading cant make up for … Read More

Rewind, Replay, Retrace

Today I found the hardest-working new trader on our desk  in Steve’s office, my partner, discussing how to get more out of your best trades. Steve explained the topic and remarked, “I thought you might have some ideas Bella.” Yesterday we blogged about knowing you are in an A trade.  When Dr. Steenbarger visited our firm last year he was … Read More