Time Diversification Through Weeklies

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It’s important to diversify your options trading portfolio in order to control your exposure to any one event. In this video, Seth Freudberg discusses the different types of strategy diversification within a trader’s portfolio of options trades. This video specifically focuses on the current trend of using weekly options chains to spread a trader’s capital out from week to week as opposed to focusing all of a trader’s capital on one particular options expiration.

Must I time my trades properly?

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Mike, I just joined SMBU and I’m half-way though all the lectures and I like it a lot. Bluntly,  I’m a piker.  I’ve failed numerous attempts at trading and blown through a lot of money…. I’m trying to apply your best set up/idea concept to his strategy>  the best example can be the BABA trade on 5/25/16.  SEC investigation into … Read More

Time Diversification of Options Trades

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Seth Freudberg discusses how to diversify your options portfolio. In our Daily Video he focuses on how time is one of the best means of diversifying market neutral income trades. It’s best to diversify your options income strategies so that they are not all subject to the exact same risks. One important form of diversification is to spread the initiation of … Read More