Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How to prepare mentally to make a huge profit in a trade How traders are succeeding in the new market environment (Dr. Brett and Bella) An easier (and safer) way to double returns using options  Senior trader presents 10 adjustments to spark his most profitable trading month How to identify a short term market top *no relevant positions Important disclosures … Read More

Improve your trading this weekend with these educational videos

How to use the past to improve your trading (Breaking News) Huge options trading blunders: I made 1000% return on an out of the money call! (episode 3) The best technique to buy strong stocks Bull Flag Pattern: How to effectively use this classic pattern to profit Weekly Options Trading Earns Him $2500 Every Week (but he’s missing something huge) … Read More

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

Everything You NEED to Know Before Placing a Trade (assuming you don’t want to fail as a trader) Options Trading Tips: Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Trading Options How to Translate a Trade Idea into a Profitable Trading Plan 2nd Day Technical Trade How to Trade Earnings with Options *no relevant positions Important disclosures  

Weekend learning lessons for traders from the prop desk

This Trader Needed to Wait for the Real Technical Analysis Setup (Tutorial) Options Income Trading: Why Do You Win So Frequently When Technical Analysis Trades Are More Likely to Work Top Senior Trader on what it takes to become a successful trader Top 5 Ways to Improve Risk Management *no relevant positions Important disclosures

Mike Bellafiore and Ralph Acampora on Benzinga #PreMarket Prep

Mike Bellafiore was a guest on Benzinga #PreMarket Prep. Below you can listen to his interview and one with the godfather of technical analysis Ralph Acampora. Listen here. Here is what you will learn from Mike during this interview: 1) The market is not fair.  Get over it! 2) One of his favorite trades: Changing Fundamentals Trade 3) How prop … Read More

Who’s Running The Ship?

When you think of a large cruise ship and the way that it’s run. Who runs the ship, the captain or the crew? If you’re like most people you would say the captain….. and you’d be wrong.  As you think about all the things that need to be done on the ship, keeping the engines running, taking care of all … Read More

Forex Analysis: GBP/USD

Marc Principato, CMT, shares his recent analysis of the GBP/USD.  This includes his long and short term perspective, potential levels of interest, and setups he is actively watching for. Subscribe: Help me write my book: Training Info: My analysis on Twitter: Webinar and Trade Review Archive: — Marc Principato, CMT,  Risk Disclaimer *No … Read More

From Here You Can Become a Really Good Trader

During our recent webinar Solving Your Top Five Trading Frustrations I was asked: What should a new trader expect from their P&L? The video below is instructive in answering this question. It was shared by an SMBU Trading Community member. A Chinese bamboo tree takes five years to start growing—and then in five weeks it can grow 90 feet high. This … Read More