How to Read the Tape on the Short Side

In our SMBU Daily Video Mike answers a question from a reader on whether or not reading the tape is any different on the long or short side. The same thinking applies to both the long and short side. You must also consider news catalysts, where we are in the overall market, long term and short term technicals. * no … Read More

A Simple Tape Trade: $SPLS

I made this very simple tape trade on the Open today. SPLS was gapping lower on earnings. The sector has been decimated recently and my initial instinct was to look to short on the Open. As the market opened I got short but a buyer stepped in at and I covered. On the chart below I have highlighted where the … Read More

Reading the Tape In Multiple Time Frames

I was trading V today for the third consecutive day. My initial bias was short based on the weakness on the tape I had seen during the prior two days. During yesterday’s two point pop in the SPYs I found it to be very telling That V barely bounced. So I came in today ready to get short again. The … Read More

When The Tape Changes

My expectation for the past week or so has been that AAPL would break to new highs and offer another 10-15 points of upside. So each day I spend some time thinking about how to best enter an AAPL trade so that I will be in a position of strength when the breakout actually occurs. Based on the price action … Read More

Reading the Tape Seminar

SMB would like to thank everyone for their recent interest in our free SMB Training Reading the Tape Seminar. Due to extraordinary demand and limited space we were unable to invite all who expressed interest in our last seminar.  But I have some good news!  This Saturday 2/20/10 at 11 AM we invite you to attend a free Reading the … Read More