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This Thursday at 4:30 PM Eastern, Seth Freudberg and John Locke will host a free webinar: In this Live Webinar, You’ll Learn: “Why Our Top Options Trader — John Locke — Trades Super Simple Spreads in Addition to Complex Strategies and Why You Should Too!” Learn more and claim your spot now >>> No relevant positions. Options Risk Disclaimer

Podcast: Interview with SMB’s Top Options Trader

In this podcast, John Locke shares the story of how he became a professional options trader, why he trades Super Simple Spreads, and how these trades can solve many of the challenges that most options traders face. Listen to this podcast to learn how John went from the automotive repair business to become SMB’s #1 options trader. Click Here to … Read More

John Locke’s Super Simple Spreads Course to be Available Later this Month

We’re excited to announce our upcoming options trading course that teaches: FOUR systematic strategies that options traders can use to trade high probability spreads that actually have a high probability of success… WITHOUT taking excessive risk. John Locke is one of SMB’s top options traders — and our firm backs several traders that use John’s strategies. We put our money where … Read More