Weekend learning lessons for traders from the Prop Desk – January 25, 2020

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How to use a key piece of information (Institutional Ownership) when stock trading Huge Options Trading Blunders Series: Owning Long Options for “Free” (episode 2) 7 Reasons why you should NEVER exceed your stop loss (Trader Education) How Traders Use Market Manipulation To Profit ($TSLA)  The Danger To Your Trading Account Of Not Risking Enough In Your Best Stock Trading … Read More

Extraordinary Situation; Ordinary Trade.

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In yesterday’s post, I made a case for a bounce play in the Japanese stock market. Last night’s extreme move makes this call look kind of silly in retrospect, but I want to highlight some important points and lessons here. First of all, this really highlights the difference between “armchair quarterbacking” or “time machine trading” (as we like to call … Read More

Anatomy of a Rip

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I mentioned last week that I would blog the next time I took a rip of more than 1K.  Unfortunately,  I ripped up a lot more than that today.  There were several reasons why I took this unnecessary loss and they were all my fault.  Sometimes as a trader you will take a large loss due to market circumstances.  But … Read More