Don’t Trap Yourself into Trading Failure

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Most traders fail at trading because they are unrealistic about the amount of time it will take to get good and the returns they will earn once they do. That creates a condition where the trader makes a series of mistakes that we cover in this video. We discuss how to avoid those mistakes and start your trading career with realistic expectations.

Stay Within the Theme of the Trade

smbcapitalFree Daily Trading Video

Every options strategy has a “theme”–the conditions under which it does poorly and the conditions under which it is successful. In this video, Seth Freudberg discusses the problem of abandoning the theme of a trade in the midst of the trade. A recent bearish butterfly trade is offered as a case in point.

Stay away from these stocks

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Hi Michael, I love One Good Trade. A book on Trading has never been so insightful yet so simple and engaging. Even Mark Douglas and (xxxx) can borrow a leaf or two from the simple, familiar language. I love it. Currently shopping for The PlayBook. Back to trading; in ‘One Good Trade’ you advise traders to avoid stocks with high … Read More

How Do I Stay Big for the Real Move?

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Dear Bella, I can not wait for The Playbook! I started “eating” everything on the SMB Blog six months ago and went though key haha moments thanks to what I learnt, which suddenly made me a lot more profitable (kind of wasted 2 years with useless teachers). So I started to build a playbook ( my Iphoto app became full … Read More