Live Trader Mentoring Session with Bella

Attend a live web meeting where Mike Bellafiore will help an improving trader from our community decide where to focus to get to the next level in his trading.

Die Hard starts winning again

Die Hard is a senior trader who makes a ton of PnL.  Unfortunately for him and our firm, he also loses a ton of PnL.  This is actually a good problem to have for the trader willing to review and work.  Many experienced traders aren’t willing to journal and review and adapt.  They want to just keep hitting the buttons … Read More

What Do You Wish You Knew When You Started, Your Favorite Book and Setup?

Mr Bellafiore, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this email. I know you likely receive innumerable emails each day and reading and responding to them takes a considerable amount of your time. As a busy trader and a managing partner of your own firm, time is likely your most valuable asset, so the time you … Read More

Five Things I Wish I Knew About Trading When I Started

Like any challenging pursuit with a steep learning curve, trading requires an incredible amount of determination in order to succeed. If we are successful, there is the temptation to look back to our beginning and to shake our heads at our combination of naiveté and the youthful enthusiasm that allowed us to overcome it. While reminiscing, we can also ask ourselves: … Read More