Take Your Normalcy and Shove It

Mark McLeanGeneral Comments2 Comments

Recently there’s been more talk and trading of certain ultrashort ETF’s on our trading desk. It seems as the downside move in SRS from over 270 was missed and it cracked 100 that the popularity rose as maybe a trade-worthy stock. So, though I am not certain of this, the stock seems to be more heavily traded at these prices, … Read More


BellaMike Bellafiore's (Bella's) Blogs6 Comments

Momentum trading requires guts.  Take a look at the two day chart of SRS.  There is a ton of money trading the trend of SRS.  But I am not gonna sit here and tell you it’s easy.  But if you want to be a great momentum trader you must take advantage of opportunites like SRS. Often with momentum trading you … Read More

Risk: SO Not Just A Game

Mark McLeanGeneral Comments9 Comments

During a good film session today with a senior trader I got to get a clear look at how quickly I lose control of my risk and put my trading day in complete jeopardy. The film was from Thursday of last week when I was daytrading SRS (the real-estate ultrashort ETF) actively. To give you an idea of how the … Read More