Sizing and Entries in This Volatile Market

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Surviving as a professional day trader means adapting to the ever changing conditions you’re presented with. In this volatile market how you size your positions at entry is so important. If you think you can still set stops tight like you did when the VXX was in the teens you will miss a lot of nice moves because you got … Read More

Use the Tape to add size (SLV)

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Silver has been on a tear.  Yesterday during our AM meeting we discussed some prices that offer excellent risk/reward opportunities.  Experienced traders know when something is about to happen.  When a stock will really move off of a price.  We might not know whether the stock will go up or down.  But we know this is the moment.  This is … Read More

Traders Ask: Sizing

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Hi Mike, just finished listening to your SFO seminar. I also finished your book last week. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the abundance of trading lessons you provide on your blog. I have written you once in the past and you were generous to give me a timely thoughtful response. I have a few questions. Thxs … Read More