Greed Is Good? How to Handle It

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One of the most iconic images people have of Wall Street is the scene from the first Wall Street film where Gordon Gecko delivers his infamous monologue that begins like this, “Greed, for the lack of a better word, is good”. Since greed and its first cousin fear still drive markets, it does serve a purpose in terms of creating … Read More

EUR/USD GBP/USD Strong But Where To Buy?

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  These pairs show strong bullish bias on the bigger picture, but where are the best levels to buy? Subscribe: Help me write my book: Training Info: My analysis on Twitter: Webinar and Trade Review Archive:

Do You Know Your Greatest Trading Obstacle?

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An interesting thing happens when newer traders are asked about their greatest trading obstacle.  Much of the time you hear things like, “I need to stick to my plan more,” or, “I need to learn how to hold my winners longer”, or some other isolated behavior.  What newer traders need to realize it is not an isolated behavior, but instead … Read More

Forex: Where’s the “Easy” Button?

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Many new traders are looking for a trustworthy resource that will hand them a strategy with a high percentage win rate, a stellar track record and a very short learning curve. This is reminiscent of the many attractive young women in New York City today who according to their online dating ads all seek the same guy: tall, handsome, full … Read More