What basic trading setups should I learn?

Hi Mike, This is Ember from the Philippines. I read your book One Good Trade and was really inspired. Presently, I am a remote Proprietary Equity Trader from (deleted by compliance). I trade from home in the Philippines. I started to trade at October 2015 and I am willing to pay my dues even for more than 10 years just … Read More

The Trading Opportunities Ahead

Mike Bellafiore, author of One Good Trade and The PlayBook and Co-Founder of SMB, offers his State of the Markets in this video below. Bella shares how he characterizes this market. Bella discusses the trading opportunities for the remainder of 2014. These remarks are taken from Bella’s presentation as Chairman for The Trading Show Chicago 2014 last week. What trading … Read More

How to Find the Setups Best for Your Trading Personality

Hey Mike, I was going through The Foundation today and came across your lecture at Indiana University. In it you talked about how traders tends to develop an inclination to particular types of set ups. I was wondering if you had any tips for discovering what kind of trading personality would best suit me. Or if it’s something that can … Read More