Trading Quote of the Day – July 16, 2010

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“The markets are not random. I don’t care if the number of academicians who have argued the efficient market hypothesis would stretch to the moon and back if laid end to end; they are simply wrong. The markets are not random, because they are based on human behavior, and human behavior, especially mass behavior, is not random. It never has … Read More

Trading Quote of the Day – July 15, 2010

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“When you are in a losing streak, your ability to properly assimilate and analyze information starts to become distorted because of the impairment of the confidence factor, which is a by-product of a losing streak. You have to work very hard to restore that confidence, and cutting back trading helps achieve that goal.” Bill Lipschutz

Trading Quote of the Day – July 13, 2010

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“We typically trade our beliefs about the market and once we’ve made up our minds about those beliefs, we’re not likely to change them. And when we play the markets, we assume that we are considering all of the available information. Instead, our beliefs, through selective perception, may have eliminated the most useful information.” Van K. Tharp

Trading Quote of the Day – July 12, 2010

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“Knowledge arises from experience. Just as a musician practices diligently to become a concert pianist and an athlete spends uncounted hours on the court to become a great tennis player, a trader must gain experience through actual trading to become an expert trader.” James F. Dalton

Trading Quote of the Day – July 8, 2010

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“… remember that both in short-term trading and mechanical systems, the distribution of winners is skewed. Most of a month’s profits might come from only two or three big trades. Much of the time the individual profits may seem small, but more importantly the losses should be small too.” Larry Conners